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Nothing is to tough for a dustless blaster

Professional Sandblasting & Painting

Dustless Blasting is tough on hard coatings, but the variable pressure and different abrasive choices make it great for delicate work, too.

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About Us

Welcome to

Get Blasted

Get Blasted is a mobile dustless sandblasting & cold vapor applicator company.

We offer a wide variety of services Including but not limited to: Abrasive Blasting, Automotive Restoration, Refinery Sanitation, Marine Restoration, Graffiti Removal, Wood Restoration, Line Stripe Removal, Powder Coating Removal or Prep, Asbestos Removal, Surface Cleaning & Resurfacing, Heavy Equipment Paint Prep, and Fleet Vehicle Restoration.

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Our Services

Our Services

The Best Cleaning Service Ever!

Automotive Services

Stop Wasting Your Time Sanding & Grinding

  • Paint Stripping
  • Rust Removal
  • Powder Coating Removal
  • Chrome Removal
  • Fiber Glass
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Residential Services

Eco-Friendly Blast Won’t Harm Nearby Grass Or Foliage.

  • Fire Restoration.
  • Water Damage Restoration.
  • Pool tile cleaning
  • Brick & Stone Cleaning.
  • Concrete Cleaning
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Marine Services

Marine Maintenance Without The Dust Plume

  • Anit-Fowl Paint Removal.
  • Bottom Paint Removal.
  • Epoxy Removal.
  • Barnacle/Marine Growth Removal
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Industrial Services

Let Us Tackle Your Biggest Toughest Projects

  • Curd Paint Removal.
  • Paint Stripe Removal.
  • Fleet Vehicle Stripping.
  • Heavy Equipment Stripping.
  • Concrete Sign Removal.
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Reasons to Choose Us

Our Dustless Blasting® Process


Our system uses 100% recycled glass media, and can be used anywhere.

Fast & Effective

Forget time-consuming sanding and grinding. We can blast clean any surface in no time.

Mobile Services

We come to your location and work around your schedule!

Won't Warp Metal

The process is safe on any vehicle, classic or modern.

Top-Rated Company

We hold a successful track record of satisfying our customers and getting back their bond money


Let us come to you!

Our mobile blasting services make it easier than ever to get your project taken care of.

We are mobile and work at your location, we also offer in-house work but you will need to bring your vehicle or work to us or we will have to charge you for towing which we offer a tow service to pick up any projects that need to be dustless blasted





Commercial & Industrial

Let Us Tackle Your Biggest & Toughest Projects

  • Safe and eco-friendly.
  • Improve your equipment.
  • Better than power washing.


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